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Survivorship Plans with V-Cure Navigator

Survivors want to know what to do next after completing treatment. Our plan empowers them with important details, including linking in their primary care providers, lifestyle considerations (diet, exercise), counseling needs (psychosocial, spiritual, financial, lifestyle), any medications they may require and associated toxicities, longer-term side effects, how to monitor and report toxicities, follow-up visits and scheduling appointments. Plans can be customized for any specific institution’s needs.

To complement Navigator, we are releasing mobile tools to facilitate survivor and program engagement and communication.  These tools will enable your Nurse Navigators (or others whom you designate) the ability to monitor an individual’s progress, report adherence to the plan and report any problems they are experiencing so decisive and timely action can be taken.

  • PDF or electronic with ability to push to patient portal
  • Mobile compliance and communication
  • Automatic scheduling reminders
  • Early symptoms warning of potential complications
  • Reduced magnitude and duration of complications
  • Dynamic and real-time patient connection

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Patient History

Andrea Carboni, a 46-year-old woman, is presented on the PrecisionPlan™ clinical dashboard. 

She was diagnosed with triple negative, stage III breast cancer based on a core biopsy that was ordered in response to a positive mammogram and ultrasound. 

A subsequent MRI and CT were negative.

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Tumor Sequencing: MAPK and PTEN

The tumor was also sequenced by Foundation Medicine, resulting in identification of two drivers, MAPK and PTEN.  Results from a Guardant Health test of circulating tumor DNA are pending.


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Comprehensive Treatment Outline

After review of the standard of care options for Stage III triple negative breast cancer, the attending oncologist chose to use the Mastectomy/RT/Dose Dense AC standard of care plan as the baseline therapy for Andrea. 

After choosing this treatment strategy for Andrea, the PrecisionPlan™ platform automatically generated the treatment specifics for Andrea, including the detailed schedule of interventions, doses, tests, toxicity monitoring and patient quality of life assessments including treatment management rules for abnormal and out of range patient responses. 

Based on MAPK and PTEN alterations, the attending oncologist chose to apply PrecisionPlan™’s genomic-based artificial intelligence to Andrea’s case. 

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Treatment Modifications

The OKaaS™ (Oncology Knowledge as a Service) platform performed a comprehensive analysis of Andrea’s treatment options and offered the following major modifications to Andrea’s standard of care plan:

  • Changed the plan to utilize a neo-adjuvant approach using chemotherapy, followed by combined chemotherapy and targeted therapy to address the MAPK and PTEN alterations to shrink the tumor.
  • Changed mastectomy to lumpectomy, followed by standard external beam radiation therapy for local control, based on the chemo and targeted therapies’ ability to shrink the tumor.

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Comprehensive Survivorship Planning

Viviphi's survivorship component, V-Cure Navigator, also generated a comprehensive survivorship plan for the patient, including all physician visits, tests, cancer screening and lifestyle considerations. The plan is created in seconds and includes patient-specific expectations, mobile medication tracking and communication, automatic scheduling reminders, and early symptoms warning of potential complications. 

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PrecisionPlan™ Report

Subject to the generation of this comprehensive precision treatment plan, based on standard of care and modified to incorporate known genomic alterations, the physician changed the standard of care anti-emetic to his preferred agent, Kytril.  He then approved the plan and PrecisionPlan™ automatically produced the clinical instructions including relevant orders.

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  • Generate patient-specific precision medicine treatment plans
    • Digitally and in-seconds
    • Per established and internationally-recognized standards
    • Using precision medicine rules
  • Improve clinical decision-making
  • Improve patient flow and through-put
  • Improve clinical efficiencies
  • Generate higher revenue and reduce costs
  • Ongoing survivorship plans
  • Reduce toxicity and related ER visits and hospitalization

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Precision Medicine and Survivorship Planning Solution for OCM participants

PrecisionPlan™ helps participating cancer treatment providers meet The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation’s (CMMI) new Oncology Care Model (OCM) requirements with its comprehensive pathway and treatment planning platform that includes genomic-based targeted therapies and immunotherapies as well as patient-specific survivorship plans.

Our platform provides enhanced cancer care coordination and the right clinical knowledge necessary to generate evidence-based care plans to meet the NCCN, ASCO and IOM standards as well as institutional standards.

For survivorship requirements, V-Cure Navigator uses our cognitive inference engine to produce a comprehensive patient-specific survivorship plan in minutes.