GenomePlan™ - A Mobile App for Cancer Patients

Now available in the Apple App Store and via online patient portal at

GenomePlan™ is a revolutionary mobile app built to help cancer patients learn more about their treatment options. Simple step-by-step prompts give patients the right treatment options to discuss with their doctor.

Patients can now build their own personalized treatment strategies which align with current nationally accepted standards of cancer care and new approaches to immunotherapy and targeted treatment.  The app guides patients through a series of straightforward questions – including cancer diagnosis, stage of diagnosis, and any identified tumor markers and gene alterations.

The artificial intelligence engine that drives the GenomePlan™ then generates personalized treatment plans so patients can make informed decisions with their doctors about the best treatment plan for their cancers.

The Age of Hope for Cancer Patients

This is the age of hope for cancer patients. Cancer is caused by alterations in your genes. Personalized therapies that attack these alterations exist, and make your cancer potentially curable. GenomePlan™ helps you and your doctor create a precision medicine plan to beat your cancer.

  • Build a genomic-based treatment plan personalized to your cancer
  • Step-by-step prompts give you the right treatment options to discuss with your doctor
  • Share with your doctor and family to make the best decisions to beat your cancer
  • Get real-time precision medicine knowledge, kept up to date by leading cancer experts
  • Understand why you need next-generation tumor sequencing and how to get it
  • Become confident in your treatment and your doctor
  • Learn about clinical trials that can help you beat your cancer
  • Access expert knowledge from your iPhone, iPad, and online

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A plan built for you

Our patient app can quickly put world-leading cancer experts to work to help you and your doctor develop the best treatment strategy for you.  Learn about the best available treatment options for your specific cancer, including genomic-guided targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and available clinical trials.

Being proactive about understanding your cancer and exploring your options is vital to getting the best course of treatment for your unique circumstances. By knowing what's driving your cancer, you’ll be armed with the right information to successfully advocate for and manage your care.

  • Access clinical expertise
  • Gain confidence in your recommended treatment plan
  • Access to genomic medicine guidelines and recommendations
  • Access clinical trials relevant to your specific diagnosis
  • Learn about the benefits of next-generation tumor sequencing
  • Receive regular patient-specific updates and information
  • Access to leading cancer experts in the palm of your hand

Beating lung cancer with genomic-guided therapies

Matt was given eight months to live when he was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

That was seven years ago - and counting.

He credits a genomic-based treatment strategy and learning how to advocate for his own care for helping him beat the odds.

As the Founder/CEO of SURVIVEiT®, he is passionate about helping patients find the resources to become survivors.

Know What is Driving Your Cancer

Dr. Brian-Leyland Jones explains why each cancer patient must insist on having his/her tumor sequenced to learn what genetic alterations are driving his/her cancer.

By learning the genomics behind your cancer, you can learn the best available treatment options for you, including targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and clinical trials.

With the right information in hand, you and your doctor can work together to determine the right personalized treatment plan for you.

Build your GenomePlan™ today.

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Become an active participant and take control over your care decisions

Patients who are well-informed and well-educated are empowered to be an engaged participant in clinical decision making.

GenomePlan™ is you and your cancer diagnosis matched to the latest genomic-based treatment recommendations for you and your doctor to consider. 

You can feel more confident and reduce anxiety by knowing you have the right information to make the best decisions for your unique circumstances.