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GenomePlan™ iOS Mobile App

Now available in the Apple App Store and via online patient portal at myviviphi.com

GenomePlan™ is a revolutionary mobile app designed to help individuals and their doctors build patient-specific and comprehensive treatment plans to beat their cancers.

Patients can now build their own personalized treatment strategies which align with (a) current nationally accepted standards of care and (b) novel approaches to immunotherapy and targeted treatment.  Patients (and their family members) are prompted to answer a series of straightforward questions – including their cancer diagnosis, their stage of diagnosis, and any identified tumor markers and gene alterations.

The artificial intelligence engine that drives the GenomePlan™ then generates unique patient-specific treatment strategies designed to stimulate more meaningful conversations with their doctors in order to arrive at the best treatment plan for their cancers.

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The Age of Hope for Cancer Patients

This is the age of hope for cancer patients. Cancer is caused by alterations in your genes. Personalized therapies that attack these alterations exist, and make your cancer potentially curable. GenomePlan™ helps you and your doctor create a precision medicine plan to beat your cancer.

  • Build a genomic-based treatment plan personalized to your cancer
  • Step-by-step prompts give you the right treatment options to discuss with your doctor
  • Share with your doctor and family to make the best decisions to beat your cancer
  • Get real-time precision medicine knowledge, kept up to date by leading cancer experts
  • Understand why you need next-generation tumor sequencing and how to get it
  • Become confident in your treatment and your doctor
  • Learn about clinical trials that can help you beat your cancer

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