Viviphi unveils GenomePlan™ iOS mobile app to help cancer patients access the right treatment options

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GenomePlan™ is a revolutionary mobile app designed to help individuals and their doctors build patient-specific and comprehensive treatment plans to beat their cancers.

DENVER – March 28, 2017 – Genomic science has opened up opportunities to attack the specific drivers of an individual’s cancer using targeted and immunotherapies.  These new therapies are significantly improving the odds of survival for many cancer patients who were otherwise compelled to receive multiple lines of standard treatments with substantially greater cost, more side effects and poorer quality of life, and in the end most often failure.  Current standards of care follow a one-size-fits-all approach and existing chemotherapies that do not focus on the specific drivers of the individual’s cancer often fail the individual while causing serious quality of life issues.

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Viviphi Ltd, the creator of the PrecisionPlan™ comprehensive treatment planning platform, has now released the GenomePlan™ iOS mobile app which is designed to help cancer patients learn about their treatment options, including new targeted and immunotherapies,  and to facilitate enhanced engagement with their oncologists.  This results in better treatment options for the individual.

GenomePlan™ is now available in the Apple App Store or through the online patient portal at Patients can now build their own personalized treatment strategies which align with (a) current nationally accepted standards of care and (b) novel approaches to immunotherapy and targeted treatment.  Patients (and their family members) are prompted to answer a series of straightforward questions – including their cancer diagnosis, their stage of diagnosis, and any identified tumor markers and gene alterations.  The artificial intelligence engine that drives the GenomePlan™ then generates unique patient-specific treatment strategies designed to stimulate more meaningful conversations with their doctors in order to arrive at the best treatment plan for their cancers.

GenomePlan™ iOS App is free for patients and their families. Patients can download the app and immediately begin to build their own personalized strategy – which includes clinical guidance in surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, supportive care and survivorship. For patients who want to learn about the benefits of next-generation tumor sequencing, immunotherapy, and targeted treatments, and how precision medicine can influence their care, the app provides a $99 upgrade option that generates additional genomic-based treatment options for discussion, based on the molecular makeup of the individual’s tumor. The upgraded report includes personalized precision treatment options with recommendations for targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and potential clinical trials based on the genomic alterations and mutations of the tumor.

Gerry Hogue, President and CEO of Viviphi, stated that GenomePlan™ helps to simplify an otherwise-confusing world of cancer scientific evidence, myriads of patient data, and patient-specific diagnostic results: “It will provide a rapid and competent base to improve the dialogue between cancer patients and their doctors and will identify, communicate and reinforce the relevant actions to consider based upon scientifically-based options for care.”

SURVIVEiT® Founder/CEO Matt Ellefson

As the Founder/CEO of SURVIVEiT®, Matt Ellefson wants to help empower patients to get the best treatment possible for each individual’s unique circumstances: “You can—with the right technology, the right doctors, the right attitude, the right guidance—you can live with cancer and you can beat cancer.” GenomePlan™ puts that technology right in the palm of a patient’s hands. Once given eight months to live, Matt is now a six-time lung-cancer survivor and has been beating the disease for seven years and counting. He credits genomic-based treatment strategies and insisting on a personalized care plan for helping him to crush the odds: “The problem is, people don’t know how to get to that, to find those doctors, to get to that level of care. I want to show people that there are long-term survivors that have taken the bull by the horns and acted as captains of their own ship to steer that ship right though the storm.”

Dr. Fred Ashbury, Chief Scientific Officer with Viviph, said “the ultimate goal is to have more powerful cancer patients and doctors who together have increased confidence and strength to beat the disease.”

About Viviphi Ltd  

Viviphi is a leading provider of precision medicine solutions for cancer therapy. Using gathered data from electronic medical records and lab systems combined with patient-specific genomic information, the PrecisionPlan™ cognitive computing platform generates comprehensive, actionable and patient-specific treatment plans to accelerate clinical decision making and advance cancer care. Viviphi also offers a patient app, GenomePlan™, currently available in the Apple App Store and via an online patient portal, to help cancer patients learn more about their treatment options and to help guide discussions with physicians. Viviphi is headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado.