Viviphi Ltd Unveils its New Comprehensive Precision Medicine Planning Platform

New Platform Will Support Cancer Care Physicians in Meeting Oncology Care Model Participation Requirements

PrecisionPlan™ Report

DENVER — (December 14, 2016) — Viviphi Ltd announced today a first-of-its-kind cognitive computing platform, which includes codified clinical rules in support of genomic-based targeted therapies, immunotherapies and complex combination treatments. The Viviphi™ platform will support participating cancer treatment providers with meeting The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation’s (CMMI) new Oncology Care Model (OCM) requirements.  PrecisionPlan™ will be available to OCM participants in January 2017 as the 5-year value-based care funding pilot moves from the planning phase to implementation. 

The Viviphi™ platform was designed as a true 21st century clinical peer-to-peer knowledge transfer platform where treating physicians can get immediate access to standards of care and expert knowledge pertaining to genomic-based therapies. 

Tumor Sequencing: MAPK and PTEN

The Viviphi PrecisionPlan™ platform helps busy oncologists access real-time, best-in-class clinical evidence from experts in all oncology disciplines (medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, supportive care, palliative care, and precision medicine).   The PrecisionPlan™ platform builds comprehensive and personalized treatment plans which are based upon established cancer standards.  Just as important, given the emergence of the benefit of genomic medicine in cancer, the PrecisionPlan™ platform allows oncologists access to expert knowledge in molecular oncology and stimulates comprehensive patient specific treatment pathways that are directly aligned with the presentation of relevant tumor markers and genomic alterations (e.g. mutations or gene/protein expression).  

The PrecisionPlan™ platform is tantamount to having a team of professional colleagues offering real-time codified clinical evidence-based and molecular oncology considerations but doing so by way of a technology that fits in the palm of a physician’s hand.

The OCM initiative is a five-year pilot project sponsored by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and involves more than 195 systemic therapy provider institutions and 16 well recognized health insurance carriers in the USA.   The participants will receive a care management fee and an at-risk shared savings benefit.   The OCM payments are designed to support the transition to value-based care by advancing better decision-making by clinical providers, smarter spending, and improvements to the overall health and wellness of the populations being served by the participants.

CMS utilizes clinical data and quality measures as a key mechanism to verify clinical improvements, assess patient health outcomes and appropriate coordination of care, and ensure continued quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries. CMS will track participant performance on multiple quality domains using patient- and practice-reported measures as well as claims-based measures. Quality measures were selected for OCM across four of the National Quality Strategy Domains, including Communication and Care Coordination, Person and Caregiver-Centered Experience and Outcomes, Clinical Quality of Care, and Patient Safety. CMS will provide ongoing feedback to practices throughout the model. In addition, the model uses 12 of these quality measures in the calculation of participants' performance-based payments.

PrecisionPlan™ Comprehensive Treatment Outline

Clinical institutions participating in the five-year Oncology Care Model will provide treatment following nationally recognized clinical guidelines for beneficiaries undergoing chemotherapy, with an emphasis on patient centered care. They will provide enhanced services to beneficiaries who are in OCM to help them receive timely, coordinated treatment.  "The move to value-based care will completely change the landscape of cancer care and impact all aspects of care delivery and reimbursement,” said Dr. Fred Ashbury, Chief Scientific Officer with Viviphi Ltd.  “Viviphi is proud to be the first to provide a platform that not only helps participating clinicians better coordinate care across the cancer care continuum but more importantly provides them with the right codified clinical knowledge necessary to generate evidence-based care plans per standard – in some cases that is to meet the NCCN, ASCO and IOM standards and in other cases it is to meet enhanced institutional standards as the reality of molecular and personalized medicine emerges."   The Viviphi clinical pathway platform provides busy oncologists with the right, comprehensive and personalized treatment strategy for each patient. Its proprietary A.I. Engine can process more than 20m clinical rules per second and generates a comprehensive pan-continuum pathway. It incorporates not only anatomical imaging and lab results but also the best of next generation tumor sequencing intelligence whilst generating a personalized patient plan.

PrecisionPlan™ Treatment Modifications

Gerry Hogue, President and CEO of Viviphi Ltd, and the founder of the world’s first oncology electronic medical record platform back in the 1990s (OpTx Corporation), addressed the specific differences between the Viviphi platform and that of other offerings in the marketplace today. “The Viviphi platform quite literally puts a virtual peer-to-peer consult in the hands of busy oncologists. These professionals want to make the right decisions for patients, not organize and collate data. Other solution providers promise enhanced data coordination benefits and the ability to house and store more information. Our PrecisionPlan™ is the most comprehensive pathway and precision medicine planning platform on the market today. Oncologists will be able to accelerate decision-making, improve clinical through-put and efficiency, make better and more appropriate decisions at the individual patient level, and generate considerable savings for CMS and increased revenue for their clinic or health care institution.”    

Hogue pointed out that the Viviphi PrecisionPlan™ precision medicine planning platform is also completely embeddable within the health institution’s electronic medical record solution.  Viviphi is now actively promoting the benefits of PrecisionPlan™ and attracting significant interest from leading NCI Centers, large and high performing community health systems, private practice clinicians, professional cancer care organizations, pharma and others in the space.


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