Viviphi Announces Appointment of Howard L. McLeod, PharmD, to the position of Senior Research Advisor in Precision Medicine and Member of Precision Medicine Advisory Board

Viviphi Ltd (Greenwood Village, CO) announced the appointment of Dr. Howard McLeod, to the position of Senior Research Advisor in Precision Medicine.  McLeod will also join the Viviphi Precision Medicine Clinical Advisory Board.   He is well known to the Precision Medicine community given his leadership responsibilities for the Department of Individualized Cancer Management at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa Bay, Florida.

McLeod is an endowed Research Chair in the State of Florida and a Professor at the University of South Florida.  He is also a 1000 Talent Scholar in China and has served on the FDA committee on Clinical Pharmacology and the NIH Human Genome Advisory Council.  He is vice chair for Pharmacogenomics for NCI ALLIANCE clinical trials group, overseeing the largest oncology pharmacogenomics portfolio in the world.  As an active entrepreneur, he serves on the Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Board, and as a domain expert consultant to publicly traded and privately held companies.  He has also founded both for-profit and non-profit companies in the USA and China and has published over 500 peer reviewed papers on pharmacogenomics, applied therapeutics, or clinical pharmacology and continues to work to advance individualized medicine.

In his role with Viviphi, Dr. McLeod will assist in translating research and clinical advances in precision medicine in oncology.  He will help to drive the Viviphi™ technology roadmap and will function as an active ambassador of the Company and the PrecisionPlan™ cognitive computing platform at national and international research and clinical symposia.

Gerry Hogue, President and CEO of Viviphi, highlighted Dr. McLeod’s contributions to precision medicine in oncology and the opportunity to work with Dr. McLeod to generate codified clinical rules that put world-leading cancer knowledge at the fingertips of patients and oncologists. “We are extremely pleased to have Dr. Howard McLeod join Viviphi’s Precision Medicine Advisory Board.  His depth of knowledge and leadership in genomic-guided therapies, and his commitment to improving point-of-care decision-making and patient outcomes is widely known and respected.”

Dr. McLeod shared his enthusiasm with joining the advisory board: “There are practical challenges for oncologists to deliver precision medicine, from the high pace of new research to the lack of access to practical tools to turn the advances into treatment to help their patients.  I’m very excited by the opportunity to provide Viviphi advice as it advances its platform to address these concerns by providing curated and codified world-leading knowledge to support clinical decisions in standard of care and genomic-guided treatments.”

Viviphi is now actively promoting the benefits of PrecisionPlan™ and attracting significant interest from leading NCI Centers, large and high performing community health systems, private practice clinicians, professional cancer care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, patient advocacy groups and others in the space.

About Viviphi

Viviphi is a leading provider of precision medicine solutions for cancer therapy. Using gathered data from electronic medical records and lab systems combined with patient-specific genomic information, the PrecisionPlan™ cognitive computing platform generates comprehensive, actionable and patient-specific treatment plans to accelerate clinical decision making and advance cancer care. Viviphi will soon offer a patient app to help cancer patients learn more about their treatment options and to help guide discussions with physicians. Viviphi is headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado.