Cancer Care and Business Experts Form Viviphi Ltd

Seasoned Cancer Care and Business Experts Come Together to Form Viviphi Ltd to Accelerate Consumer and Physician Adoption of Genomic Based Care Approaches

DENVER—June 3rd, 2016—A group of expert cancer care professionals have joined forces with global leaders in business to form a company to empower patients to better understand their cancer disease diagnosis and to ensure they are getting the right clinical advice and treatment options from their providers. The privately financed company, called Viviphi Ltd, is based in the Denver Tech Center. Gerry Hogue, former senior executive with Elekta and former President and CEO of OpTx Corporation, will serve as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board.

Viviphi will unveil the first-ever comprehensive precision medicine planning platform in oncology in the winter of 2016. The Viviphi™ solution will integrate nicely with existing electronic medical record systems which are both primarily designed to document patient care and are widely distributed in the market. It is specially designed to focus on cancer patients as opposed to focusing on institutional and demographic needs. The architecture is built to emphasize the patient perspective. This digital, artificial intelligence solution, will enable an improved dialogue between cancer patients and their doctors and will identify relevant actions to consider based upon scientifically-based options for care.

Viviphi will assist patients and their families by simplifying an otherwise-confusing world of cancer scientific evidence, knowledge, information and data. Patients will acquire and use an unprecedented amount of information pertaining to their cancer diagnosis, including world-leading expert knowledge and genomic science made intelligently available in a practical, usable and comprehensive form. The company promises to improve patients’ access to the right tumor sequencing services through a network of leading molecular oncology partners. After patients cancers are sequenced, they will be able to actively manage their own experience and explore the right treatment options with their clinical providers. The Viviphi direct to consumer platform, known as GenomePlan™ will be available through an open marketplace of on-demand web-based and mobile applications.

“Cancer medicine is going through a massive paradigm shift,” said Hogue. “Genomic medicine is transforming the way cancer patients are diagnosed, staged and ultimately treated. This revolution is well underway and the promise of improved survival rates for many cancers is real. We are seeing published literature from leading genomic medicine institutes which support radically improved performance for lung cancer, melanoma, and other aggressive cancers. We are also witnessing a tipping point in terms of cost, volumes, and knowledge in genomic oncology care, which is creating a significant opportunity to unlock knowledge and information that is currently not widely or readily accessible to patients or community oncologists.”

Viviphi through its founding investors is committed to creating a platform of the highest quality standard that will work with clinical partners and cancer care institutions to both accelerate and advance physician adoption of genomic based best practices in cancer care. The Viviphi physician clinical oncology workbench, known as PrecisionPlan™ provides doctors with the essential knowledge to beat cancer, not just provide clinicians with more data. The cloud based platform will integrate with existing electronic medical record systems and unleash the right patient-specific cancer beating knowledge into the right hands at the right time.

Dr. Fred Ashbury, Chief Science Officer with Viviphi said, “the ultimate goal is to have more powerful cancer patients and doctors who together have increased confidence and strength to beat the disease.”

Viviphi will soon announce key collaborations with major partners. Hogue acknowledged that the cancer care eco-system is changing and the relationships between patients, oncologists, surgeons, cancer centers, hospitals, molecular diagnostic laboratories and pharmaceutical companies are expanding and strengthening, at an accelerating pace.

The company will ensure that information is communicated to consumers in a responsible and ethical way. More information will be available at

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