5 Healthcare Trends Impacting Cancer Care

Precision medicine is revolutionizing how oncologists are treating cancer and is one of the top drivers changing cancer care today. Our PrecisionPlan™ platform is designed to help physicians navigate this change by providing physicians with immediate access to standards of care and expert knowledge on genomic-based therapies.

Oncology professionals from community cancer centers discussed the changes at the annual ACCC (Association of Community Cancer Centers) meeting in Washington, D.C. 

Several members of the Viviphi executive team are members of the ACCC and attended the conference, and we enjoyed learning more about the needs of community cancer centers and discussing the benefits of our comprehensive platform.

Changes are underway that will impact oncology care delivery and reimbursement for years to come.

Lindsay Conway, a managing director of The Advisory Board Company in Washington, D.C, shared insights during the conference about trends that will make the biggest impact. 

Five of those main trends include:

  • Reimbursement and reform are at a turning point
  • Enhanced care navigation will be necessary as cancer patient comorbidities increase
  • The rise of telehealth in cancer care
  • Patients are acting more and more like consumers
  • Navigating precision medicine

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PrecisionPlan for Oncology Professionals

Build Actionable, Patient-Specific Cancer Treatment Plans

Our PrecisionPlan™ platform can help multidisciplinary care teams stay ahead of these changes with actionable patient-specific treatment plans that comply with nationally-accepted standards and the latest genomic-based guidelines.

Integrate or embed the Viviphi™ Artificial Intelligence Clinical Brain into your health system or cancer center EMR to make optimal, personalized, and patient-centered decisions. Our codified clinical knowledge allows for expert-to-expert consultations and actionable patient-specific pathways built in seconds. 

PrecisionPlan™ is a comprehensive and continuum-based platform that outlines in detail the most appropriate clinical guidance in chemotherapy, immunotherapy, genomic-guided targeted therapy, anti-hormonal therapy, radiation therapy, surgery, supportive care, palliative care and follow up/survivorship that is unique to each patient.